• Fee Policy

    Fees are set in accordance with our service budget. Our Service is open 49 weeks per year. Fees are to be paid for each day the service is open. Fees must also be paid when the child is absent for whatever reason, on the days allocated to him/her. Full fees will be required for any unsigned absences. Fees are not required during the Annual Christmas Closedown period of 3 weeks, Public Holidays, or Pupil Free Days.  Our fees also are paid 1 weeks in advance.

    Families are required to pay a security bond totaling one week’s full fees (without the C.C.S. deduction) at the time of enrolment to secure their position at Jesmond Early Education Centre. NB: If the Daily Fee increases, or the attendance days increase, then this will need to be “topped up”. The Security Bond will be refunded when the child withdraws from the service (appropriate 2 weeks after you have left the service, we need to wait until we receive confirmation from Centrelink); if the account is up to date; the service has received 2 weeks written notice of the intention to leave. NB: The Security Bond will not be refunded if the child does not commence care.

    Until notified of your CCS rate and usage hours your enrolment will be classified as ”informal’ and full fees will be charged. CCS subsidies will be applied to all “formal” enrolments.

    Any families in arrears of 2 weeks will be asked to withdraw their child from our service until full payment is made. If no arrangements are made in regards to payment, the bond will be used to pay for the unpaid fees. If you wish to have your child return to our service once the outstanding fee is paid, you will need to re-apply for a position and be placed on our Waiting List if no places are available.

    For security reasons, all payments are paid through OWNA app or Bank Transfer.

    For families who are in arrears and are asked to withdraw their child from the service must make arrangements to pay the outstanding amount. If arrangement and payments are not made this debt will then be placed in the hands of our debt collector. In the case of fee arrears the service engages the services of a registered Debt Collectors Agency. Once the information has been sent no further matters can be discussed with service staff, C.C.S. cannot be claimed until debt is cleared.

    A late fee of $40.00 for every 15 minutes or part thereof will, be required to be paid in the event of any child being collected after closing time of 6.00pm. The police also could be called.

    All families are required to give the service no less than 2 week’s written notice of their decisions to withdraw their child from the Service.

    When families give 2 week’s notice they need to ensure their child attend the full 2 weeks of their attendance, especially the last day of care/notice. (Even if you have a Doctor Certificate stating your child has been sick during these last 2 weeks). They do not take this into consideration. So therefore, families will need to pay full fees as per the Family Management Office Instructions. As we cannot claim for CCS. Parents will need to pay the full fees if absent when finalising the account or the service will hold whatever is owing from the 2 weeks bond.

    Note: If your child did not attend prior to the 2 weeks period you will also not receive your CCS/CRN and you will be charged full fees up until the last day you attended the service.

    Any Child who is away from the service with no notification for more than 2 weeks can be asked to withdraw their child from the service.

    Full fees will be required for any unsigned absences.