Meet Our Educators
    • Karen Murnane

      Karen Murnane


      Hello my name is Karen Murnane and I have been at JEEC for nearly 20 years. I have worked in the Early Childhood industry for 23 years. I started at JEEC when the Early Development room opened in March 1997. I completed my Associate Diploma in Child Studies at TAFE in 1997 and in 2000 I began studying my Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood by Correspondence through the University of New England while working Full Time at JEEC. I completed my University degree in 2003. I then became the Early Childhood teacher at JEEC.

      I became the Director at JEEC in June 2010 and this was one of my biggest achievements in the Early Childhood Field.
      I have worked in all 3 rooms over the years. I enjoy working in each of the rooms for different reasons.

      • Early Development: I enjoy forming a partnership with all the new families and forming a close bond with the children.
      • Early Learners: I really love working with this age group as they are becoming more independent, “their own person-individual personality”, inquisitive, beginning to communicate and becoming more involved in a variety of activities.
      • Pre-School: School preparation for both children’s and families, assisting the children with socialisation with other peers and adults-verbal and non verbal communication. This is so essential when they start Kindergarten. Providing many challenging activities to cater for their individual interests.

      My main passions working at JEEC is assisting the families and children with a undiagnosed/diagnosed disabilities, Children and families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, Indigenous background families and children and families with a refugee backgrounds.
      I also love travelling and so far have seen parts of India, Nepal, Vanuatu, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Africa-South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South America-Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, United Arab Emirates, parts of America and parts of Australia. I look forward to many more overseas trips.

      I look forward to seeing you around the centre and getting to know more about your family.

      At Jesmond Early Education Centre we believe it’s important for families to get to know the educators and their personal philosophies on caring for the children.

    • Heidi Nelson
      Teacher, Room Leader, Assistant Director

      Heidi Nelson

      Teacher, Room Leader, Assistant Director

      My name is Heidi Nelson; I am married with 2 children a 20 year old boy and an 16 year old girl. I have worked at JEEC since 1999. I have been in the Early Childhood sector for 25 years. I have completed my Bachelor in Early Childhood through the University of New England and I’m very excited about accomplishment. I am currently working as Room leader in the Bottlebrush Room Monday-Friday and I am the Assistant Director.

      What do I believe in? I believe there is nothing more precious in our lives then our children, and nothing more rewarding then watching them grow and develop through their Early years and then being prepared and ready to go off to kindergarten. Another rewarding part of my role as an Early Childhood Educator that cares for your child is the wonderful relationships that are formed with you “the family”.

    • Kim Maguire
      Room Leader and Educator

      Kim Maguire

      Room Leader and Educator

      My name is Kim Maguire I’m currently the Room Leader and Educator in the Gumnut Room. I have worked at JEEC since 2004 Full Time. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with children of all ages from 0-5 years, therefore in each of the rooms at the centre. I continue to learn and be inspired in my role, and have had, and continue to work with many great educators that bring with them a lot of experience in working with children.

      My Personal Philosophy

      • I believe that each child is a unique individual, and that all children develop through their own pattern of growth and development.
      • I believe that supporting children’s self confidence and self esteem is important in reaching developmental milestones for children
      • I believe in providing a quality curriculum and environment where children are encouraged to learn, create, imagine, discover, problem solve and play
      • I believe that inclusion and cultural understanding is an important part of the curriculum and learning
      • I believe that family involvement is an important part of the curriculum, and as such families are well informed and welcomed participates in all activities at the centre
      • I believe that ongoing communication with families is necessary to continue to meet the needs of children in our care
    • Kim Moy
      Centre Cook

      Kim Moy

      Centre Cook

      My name Kim and I work as the Service Cook, working Monday, Thursday and Friday each week.
      I enjoy cooking and interacting with the children, I’m loving it when they come up to say hello each day and have a little chat.
      I live on a rural property with my husband and 2 teenage daughters.
      We love the way of life on the farm and are lucky enough to have a few chickens ,cows and sheep on our property.
      I have worked in catering for many years and for 4 years and was the Canteen manager at my childrens primary school, a role which I enjoyed and where I became used to cooking for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements.
      I look forward to meeting both you and your child as I go about my day at the centre.

    • Rochelle Hesketh

      Rochelle Hesketh


      My name is Rochelle. I am Diploma trained and currently working full time, as a Room Leader in the Wattle Room.
      I have been working at JEEC since 2009 where i completed my Certificate III.

      In regards to my beliefs in childcare, i believe the first 6 years of a child’s life is crucial, the time for self-discovery.
      Over the years, Working in this environment allows us as educators to experience all the unforgettable moments first hand and assist the children to explore their emerging interests, talents, skills and understand the world they live in, in their own way with a little help.

      Creativity would be my personal strength in Childcare, as I’m forever looking for new ways to change the environment and give the children something new to explore.

      I’m passionate about travelling and the great wide world we live in. Teaching the children about all the places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and the languages I know is a very special thing!

      I have had a very exciting start to 2021, becoming a wife and now excited to begin a new journey as a mum, commencing my Maternity Leave in late September 2021.

    • Sue Cowling

      Sue Cowling


      My name is Sue Cowling and I love being part of the team at Jesmond Early Education Centre. I have a passion for educating and nurturing children which is the reason I have worked in children care for the past 5 years. I am an employee at Jesmond Early Education Centre as a diploma trained, full time team member.

      I am passionate about my career in childcare and feel I provide an education, fun, compassionate and empathetic environment for the children at the service where the children learn and play. I believe in following the curriculum “Belonging, Being and Becoming” which forms the Early Years Learning Framework as well as following the 7 National Quality Standards.

      I believe the first 5 years in a child’s life is critical to learning and that children need to feel that they belong. Children should feel safe, secure and respected. As a childcare worker I guide children in their social wellbeing as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing. Children develop a range of skills whilst being happy and inviting environment with adults and peers who accept the “whole” Child as unique individual. I believe all children are unique and should be all treated equal.

      It is important to communicate with families to gain knowledgeable information about their child’s/children’s interest, family life, beliefs, culture and tradition. Each child and their family shoud be respected, embraced and involved as it is important to a child’s overall development. I support children’s development and ongoing learning.

      I am currently enjoying getting back from Maternity Leave, working in the Gumnut Room Thursday and Friday.

    • Keely Rowsell

      Keely Rowsell


      I have been a casual at JEEC since 2020. I just started a full time position at JEEC!
      I am currently working Monday- Friday in the Wattle Room.
      I look forward to getting to know all of you.

    • Treena Coxon

      Treena Coxon


      I started at Jesmond Early Education Centre in 2016 where I gained my Cert III.
      I have had experience in all three rooms over my time here.
      I am currently on Maternity Leave, as i welcomed my new baby boy Lincoln.

    • Ashleigh Cartwright
      Educator, Cook

      Ashleigh Cartwright

      Educator, Cook

      Ashleigh currently has two roles at JEEC, one in the Bottlebrush Room as an educator and also part time in the kitchen cooking.