The Gumnut Room

Children 8 weeks to 2 years of age
  • In the Gumnut room there are two educators caring for 8 babies aged between 8 weeks and 2.5 years of age.

    This year the room leader is Selina Diploma Trained who works Monday to Friday.

    Stacey also has her Diploma and is currently working Full Time in the Gumnut Room

    The Gumnut room space consists of two cot rooms, a general play area, outdoor area, kitchen/food and bottle preparation area and a change station with lockers.

    Each day we will make observations and create learning stories based on what we have done and what each child is interested in. Parents can see the daily program, nappy changes etc on the OWNA app.

    In the Gumnut Room we strive to create a comforting and encouraging environments by providing the children with experiences and visuals that are both settling and challenging. A huge part of our room are our photo displays which we will add to throughout the year.

    These are located throughout the room and all children find comfort in seeing familiar and happy faces.

    Our learning areas and experiences are triggered by the children’s interest and family input.

    We encourage families to always keep us up to date with their child’s growth and development, so we are able to program and cater for each child.

    Nappies are provided by the Service and sunhats are given each day on arrival to the children.

  • DailyInformation

    Located in the kitchen area within the Gumnut room we have a list of where your child is up to in regards to sleeping, bottles, routines, etc.

    Our educators are here to help! We encourage parents to inform us of any changes that need to be made on the day their child comes with regular educators available for a chat or our designated room diary just for parents.

  • What toPack

    • Bag – We ask you to provide a backpack or small bag for your child and their belongings. These make it easier to keep track of all your belongings (Plastic bags are not suitable as they are a potential choking hazard.)
    • Water Bottle-Please bring a water bottle for your child to drink water out of it each day. Please remember to take it home each day, so that it can get cleaned.
    • Lockers– Each child will have a designated locker for their belongings, the animal will correspond with their bed. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the locker, the list for the locker numbers is displayed in the change and locker area.
    • Clothes – As we encourage self-help skills, messy play and lots of outdoor time- we can get a little messy! At least two sets of clothing is recommended each day. We encourage you to include cooler or warmer clothes than those you bring your baby in the event of temperature changes or messy play. (if toilet training please put extra in). To ensure nothing is lost, please clearly label clothing.
    • Sunscreen – The centre provides SPF 50 plus sunscreen and also toddler appropriate sunscreen. Our sunscreen station is located at the front entrance of the centre  for you to apply in the morning and we will reapply 20 minutes before afternoon outdoor play activities in the afternoon.
    • Bedding – fitted sheet and flat sheet (cot size) will fit on our beds in our cot room. We have cooling and heating in both cot rooms to maintain a perfect temperature while your child sleeps. We ask you to make up your child’s bed at the start of the day and place any comforter they have inside the cot, we will remove these at the end of the day.
    • Shoes – If your child is too young for foot wear this is understandable, however if they are able to wear shoes…
      • In Summer, strong leather sandals are recommended for free, comfortable play. Rubber thongs can cause accidents during play and for the children’s safety are not recommended. Shoes must have an ankle strap to secure the foot.
      • In Winter, lace up shoes or sneakers and socks are recommended. As gumboots can cause accidents they are not recommended. Please make sure there is no food, drink or medication left in your child’s bag when left in the lockers.
      • Throughout the year, we may also ask you to bring in special items from home, books or photographs representing special events. (Educators will let you know if and when they are required).
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