Preschool Room

Children aged 3 to 5 years of age
  • The Preschool Room is for 3-6 year olds. There are 20 positions in this room and two to  three staff members.

    The room Leader is Heidi (Monday-Friday) and other staff include Leah (Monday -Wednesday), Ashleigh (Thursday and Friday)

    This room is one of our biggest, catering for all those growing bodies and minds.

    Each child has their own locker that they are able to choose as they arrive.

    We encourage families to take your child’s photo and to attach it to the Velcro dot on the locker. This is to then be removed at the end of each day and placed back onto the wall.

    The room is divided into different learning areas. A book area for quiet reading, block area for endless construction, home corner to promote dramatic/creative play, table areas for child interest and not to mention the computer area.

    The room has a large bathroom for children connected to the main room for easy access.

    We now have our meal times ‘al fresco’ with eight children at a time having a meal at a time. This allows for a more calm and meaningful mealtime where the children can discuss healthy eating with their educator, while the others can continue exploring inside.

    Children in the Preschool Room are provided with rest mats to have a sleep/quiet time after lunch time if they are still requiring a rest time throughout the day, the other children are promoted to have quiet activities while restful music is played.