The Wattle Room

Children 2 to 4 Years of age
  • The Wattle Room is for 2.5years-4-year old. There are 10-17 children a day in this room and three educators.

    The room Leader is Kim, who is Diploma trained and works Monday-Friday.

    Ashleigh has her Diploma in Early Childhood and works Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Sue has her Diploma in Early childhood and works Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

    Nicole has her Bachelor of Teaching and work’s Tuesdays and Fridays in the room.

    Each child has their own locker that they are assigned, in our locker room as you enter the building.

    The room is divided into different learning areas. A book area for quiet reading, block area for endless construction, home corner to promote dramatic/creative play, table areas for child interest.

    The room has both a change area for those children who are still in nappies and a bathroom for children who are in the process of toilet training. 

    Children in the Wattle Room are provided with rest mats to have a sleep/quiet time after lunch time.

    Whilst some children still have a sleep the option is there for the child to just rest and have quiet time, if they prefer.

    Nappies are provided by the Service and sunhats are given each day on arrival to the children.

    Any information about sleep, eating etc. can be seen on OWNA app.

  • What toPack

    To help make sure your child has everything they need throughout the day, please pack these essentials…

    • Bag – Please provide a suitable bag for your child. Plastic bags are not suitable as they are not safe.
    • Water Bottle-Please ensure this is taken home each day so that it can be washed daily.
    • Lockers- Upon arrival your child’s belongings should be placed in a locker, which the educators will allocate to your child. These will be clearly displayed.
    • Clothes   – at least 2 sets of clothing.  Remember there are many days during the year when the temperature changes. You will need to include cooler or warmer clothes than those you bring your child in (if toilet training please put extra in).
    • Reuseable wet bag-Please bring in a reusable wet bag for wet clothing.
    • Sunscreen – Children will wear SPF 50 plus sunscreen (Service will provide and use sunscreen with Mosquito Repellent) this will be reapplied 20 minutes before afternoon outdoor play activities. Please use sunscreen and mosquito repellent on your child before the morning attendance. There is a sunscreen station in the front foyer.
      Bedding- Cot Sheets and a blanket to fit a cot mattress. Please keep your child’s sheets in their bag. 
    • Shoes –
      •  In Summer, strong leather sandals are recommended for free, comfortable play. Rubber thongs and slides can cause accidents during play and for the children’s safety are not recommended. Shoes must have an ankle strap to secure the foot.
      • In Winterlace up shoes or sneakers and socks are recommended. As gumboots can cause accidents they are not recommended.

    Please ensure everything is labelled with your child’s name, also make sure there is no food, drink or medication left in your child’s bag when you leave them in their locker.

    Also: We encourage the children to bring in books, photos and items from home that a special to them or from recent events to share with their peers.

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